What do natural and organic cosmetics really mean?

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On each of our products, you have probably seen the percentage of natural and organic ingredients. But what do they really mean?

You might think that natural and organic mean more or less the same thing. But this is not necessarily the case. It is not because an ingredient is natural that it is automatically organic.. Likewise, eco-friendly skin care can mean something completely different.

Read on to find out what natural and organic skin care really means and how Naturora is an eco-friendly cosmetic brand.

What does natural skin care mean?

Beauty products that use ingredients of natural origin can be defined as “natural”. Natural origin refers to ingredients that are cultivated rather than those synthesized from petrochemical ingredients.

It should be noted that natural doesn't automatically mean good, just as synthetic ingredients don't necessarily mean bad. There are many “natural” chemicals that are toxic to us - one example is poison ivy.

What is Natural Cosmos?

At Naturora, we use independent certification to verify that our products are natural and organic.

Cosmos certifications help consumers identify natural or organic products. They guarantee products that respect the environment, respect biodiversity and the responsible use of natural resources so that you can shop with confidence.

In a Cosmos certified natural product, only ingredients of natural origin are authorized with the exception of a restrictive list of synthetic ingredients approved in small quantities. Each ingredient is carefully selected to ensure that it meets strict standards for extraction and processing.

There are many other parts of the standard regarding how products are made and even how waste is disposed of. For more details on the full standard, visit Cosmos website.

Why does Naturora choose natural ingredients?

Humans have evolved with nature for centuries, and we believe our bodies are more biocompatible with natural ingredients. This is why we prefer them as much as possible to synthetic ingredients when formulating our products.

Our bodies already recognize natural ingredients and can process synthetic alternatives as “toxins” which are then eliminated from the body.

An example of a natural ingredient that we love is hyaluronic acid. It is a powerful ingredient, known for its moisturizing properties, and can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in our body and helps to retain water in our skin, giving it a plumped appearance.

With age, these levels of hyaluronic acid decrease. This means that we may need to give our skin a little boost by using HA in our skin care.

What does organic mean?

The organic means working with nature, not against her. Organic ingredients are grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and genetically modified organisms are prohibited.

What is an organic treatment?

The choice of ingredients from organic farming has many advantages for the environment.

Non-organic agriculture uses pesticides and synthetic chemicals that have harmful effects on the world's ecosystems. Affected areas may experience decreased soil fertility, loss of biodiversity, including pollinators like bumblebees, and have a higher carbon footprint overall.

Organic ingredients are also proven to contain more nutrients than conventionally grown alternatives. Indeed, these plants undergo micro-stress responses that make them stronger and survive better under environmental pressure. This is called xenoormesis.

The nutrients here are then reinjected into the ecosystem and into the soils. This increases the fertility of the soil which is reinjected into the plants.

Ingredients that are not from organic farming do not experience the same stresses due to synthetic chemicals that fight pests and weeds, which is why we choose organic farming.

We believe in the power of organic ingredients because they really work with our body and with the natural environment.

What is organic certification?

At present, there is no legislation on the use of the word organic because even if a product contains a small amount of organic ingredients, it can be qualified as “organic”.

Cosomos certified organic is a strict standard which is much more meaningful.

Cosmos divides agricultural ingredients into physically processed (eg, cold pressed sunflower oil) and chemically processed (eg, a naturally occurring washing ingredient such as sodium coconut sulfate).

In addition to each ingredient and product meeting the Cosmos natural standard, Cosmos organic products must contain 20% of certified organic ingredients (including water which often represents 60 to 70% of a product's total ingredients) and 95 % of physically processed ingredients. agricultural ingredients must be certified organic.

What is the difference between natural and organic?

The main difference between natural and organic skin care is that “natural” is about the ingredient itself, while “Organic” is the process behind the ingredient.

Think of the natural as coming from nature and the organic as working with nature.

What is eco-responsible care?

Being environmentally friendly means using environmentally friendly materials and processes to reduce the negative impact on the world around us. It can be the way the ingredients are obtained, to the way the products are packaged.

Eco-friendly skin care is a step towards sustainability in an industry that does. We believe that being environmentally conscious can have a positive impact on the environment and not just on our skin.

We live in a world that gives us so much and it's time to give back. As a company, we recognize our impact and our responsibility to protect our environment.

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