Why choose organic natural soap?

naturora article why choose organic natural soap

Hygiene products that respect the skin are the best. Only natural and organic soaps are able to guarantee this quality. So, stop using industrial soaps with aggressive ingredients. Discover why organic natural soap is better for the health of your skin.

Natural organic soap: what makes the difference

All soaps are products obtained by the saponification of fat with soda. Regarding industrial soap, saponification is carried out hot. This causes the disappearance of glycerin which ensures hydration of the skin. There is also the presence of chemicals such as sulfate, which are very aggressive for the epidermis.

Moreover, the organic natural soap is composed of natural ingredients with vegetable oils and mild, yet effective surfactants. Cold saponification ensures the maintenance of glycerin and all the active ingredients of the components.

The benefits of natural soap

The organic natural soap respects the epidermis for soft and healthy skin. The natural components ensure the tolerance of the most sensitive skins. The presence of glycerin in large quantities helps to hydrate the skin in depth for plumped and revitalized skin. It is ideal for cleaning your face on a daily basis.

Natural soaps are more suitable for people with allergies. Certain components such as essential oils provide antihistamine and anti-infectious properties. They are used to cure eczemas or psoriasis. But natural soap is also an effective antibacterial and antiseptic for cleaning the face and hands.

How to choose natural soap?

The choice of a natural organic soap is based on the type of skin and the goals to be achieved. The majority of artisanal brands offer soaps for all skin types, although it is recommended to opt for a specific product for a more targeted treatment.

Dry skin seeks hydration. It is then advisable to use a soap based on sweet almond or Argan oil. Then, sensitive skin, whether babies or women, prefer soap with olive oil or black seed oil. The natural organic soap with avocado oil or aloe vera helps slow down the effects of aging by reducing wrinkles and toning the skin. Finally, there are charcoal or eucalyptus essential oil soaps to fight acne.

In order to help you choose your natural organic soap, prefer soaps such as Aleppo soap, Marseille soap or bar soap.

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